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This Woman Is Having An Affair With Her Boss, She Created An Instagram Account And Boasts It Online!

We all hear different cheating and affair stories of different people all over the internet. We always find these stories intriguing and shameful, thats why people who were having an affair tends to keep it a secret from their wives and other people yet there are weird ones who are bluntly boasts about and really proud of the affair their having. Like this woman who boasts about her affair with her boss that has become an intense topic on social media.

The woman is a secretary and within her secretary work she makes sure that her boss is having a great time with her. They go on business trips and different places and having the time of their lives while the boss leaves his family. Another is that when they are in the office they also kept doing it and in return the boss gives her a lot of money and things which made her decide to create an instagram account and boast about it on social media. Pretty insane right? Now netizens couldn't take it anymore and were all pissed about her being proud that she is having an affair, they gave out all their sentiments to her and bashing her on her instagram posts. The video of her has been on different social media pages and websites up until her story became so viral.

Source: Youtube