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This Snake Catcher Guy Caught 56 Deadly Cobras In His Friend's House! Incredible!

Sometimes we snakes lurking in our houses and then what do we do? Ofcourse, we first take precaution and make sure everyone is safe and call someone who is really good at catching snakes. Like this guy on the video who is now going viral all over social media for his snake catching skills. The video started that the guy was called by his friend to catch one snake in the house yet when he went there he catches a whole nest of it.

The video shows the guy discovered a whole nest of snakes inside the house of his friends and the snakes are all over the house. From the restroom, kitchen, to the bed and these snakes are not just some normal snakes, they are deadly cobras and are causing trouble to his house. This video was shot in Thailand and according to reports there have been many cases of deaths by snake bite in the country. The catcher caught 56 monocled cobras, the second most venomous snake in Thailand. These snakes have venom that is stronger than that of a king cobra and even as baby snakes they are still highly venomous and can be very dangerous. The immediately went viral on social media and was shared on different social media pages and websites.

Source: Youtube