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This Netizen Got Slammed By Solenn Heussaff For Making Rude Comments On Her Photo! Check It Out!

The actress and model, Solenn Heusaff has been the talk of the town recently on social media because of a certain netizen that made a rude comment on one of her recently uploaded photos on Instagram. The issue spark a fire on social media and it has gone viral quickly. We all know that Solenn likes to travel and to relax when she has the time and while doing it all of her fans are always waiting for updates in her different social media accounts. So recently she posted a picture on instagram which shows her having a great time by the pool. She even captioned the photo "Relaxing by the pool." But a certain fellow social media user named iam_arleneski didn't like her post and gave her sentiments on the comment section.

"Maghubad ka na lang kaya. Lubos lubusin mo na kaya", said by the user. 

To the surprise of the many fans and supporters, the actress wrote in reply, "Ay oo nga! Sorry! Dapat naka-jeans at turtle neck ako sa swimming pool para mas maganda tan ko."

This lead to the support of her fans and replied and bashed back to the angry basher. It immediately went viral and the user who commented has deactivated her account, but the good thing is, netizens took a screenshot of the comment sections and re-blogged it on different social media websites and pages.

Source: Instagram // DeeDee