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This Man Was Caught Filming A Woman Wearing A Skirt! Viral On Social Media!

To the ladies out there, beware, always be alert and on the look out for men who do such kind of things. We can see a lot of men doing this all over the internet, men who are taking pictures of women behind their backs, filming their chests, capturing a glimpse of what you are exposing when you are on the road travelling. So ladies beware. 

This video has been going around all over social media and has caught the attention of many netizens. The man shown in the video was caught filming a woman who wears a skirt. The woman didn't notice what the man was doing but people around him notices it and a concerned netizen took a video of what is happening. The man pretends like he is holding his phone but the true intention was to film what's under the skirt of that woman. We can't really tell why he did this but it is really shameful and disgusting to see. The video gained a lot of attention was reposted by different social media pages and websites.

Source: Youtube