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This Man Shares His Epic Love Story And Touched The Hearts Of Netizens!

A story is now going viral all over social media because of man who shared his journey together with his wife. It is so beautiful to see stories of everyday people who are really happy with their relationships and people who really stood by, fought and accepted their partners for no matter who they are. Like this, story of Victor and Priscilla Carrasco who went viral on social media.

This post became viral all over facebook and instagram and many social media users were inspired and touched by their story. If you want to see the story, you can go visit the link below.

"When I met Priscilla I had no money, no car (I actually rode my bike to and from work or took the bus), no stable income, and a future that looked bleak at best. I was working the front desk at the gym where she joined. When we started dating I literally told her, "I have nothing to offer you." Yet all she asked for was my heart.  On December 16, 2015 we decided to get married, just the two of us without anyone knowing. There was no engagement and no diamond ring. I had just enough money to pay for the marriage certificate and a $3 ring for her...... 

Source: Instagram