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This Man Proposed To His Dream Girl Using 20 Luxury Cars, Got Rejected! Viral On Social Media!

We all have seen amazing proposals all over the internet and it has bring joy and inspiration to the many of the guys out there to do their best in getting their girlfriends swept off their feet. But sometimes we see this unfortunate incident as well in the internet, where a guy proposes in the middle of the crowd and got rejected by the girl. Like this guy on the video that has gone viral all over social media because of her proposal that failed and got rejected by the girl.

The video shows that a man from China wanted to surprise her dream girl by proposing to her on public. The girls name is Peng Yang, a recent contestant on a chinese dating show called "If you are the one", and the guy storms off the street with 20 luxury cars in order to show off to his girl. He got out in one of the cars and then pulls out a bunch of flowers, getting down on his knees and begins proposing. Yet the girl bluntly rejected him and walks out the scene. This was really tragic and it caught the attention of many social media users all over the internet and it has gone viral. The video was so viral that it has been reposted by different social media websites and pages.

Source: Youtube