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This Man Knows How To Pick Up Girls In Just Four Seconds, Watch And Learn! Viral On Social Media!

Going for a beautiful girl and asking for her name and number can be difficult  and intimidating, you need to have the guts and confidence and you need to be ready to make a really good first impression. So how do you introduce yourself to this beautiful girl infront of you and ask her out on a date in just a few moments? Well, we all know that women just love being swept off their feet, so we prepare different methods that will work great. Like this guy named Hooman who was a famous Youtuber who especializes on pranks and also a pick up artist.

The video shows that Hooman can ask for the girl's name, phone number and set a date with her in just barely four seconds. He did like he approached the girl and then literally carried her and then asks her for her name, number and a date. It works like magic! Many netizens were caught in his awesome method and lauded him for his confidence. In the video he was very successful in picking up girls and was really happy with his delivery. The video went viral on different social media websites and it gained over 2.6 million views on Youtube.

Source: Youtube