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This Man Kidnaps A Girl, Locked Her In A Basement Room And Posted A Video On Social Media!

A disturbing video has now been going around social media websites because of a man who allegedly kidnaps a girl who was missing since 2009. Authorities were shaken of the video and started investigating about it. The video was entitled "Hi Walter, Its me Patrick and I got a new girlfriend". The man in the video who is named patrick tells a story to his friend walter of how he met this gorgeous girl but later revealed that he brought her home and many social media users was disturb about the video.

The video shows the man having a video blog and showed the girl. According to reports, the teenage girl who went missing was Kayla Berg, and the video was there unnoticed for seven years. Police started investigating the said video and people have been waiting for updates if the said video was true. In the video, Patrick told to his friend about the girl that she met was awesome and beautiful and later on he showed how she is shy on cameras and the girl was laying there on the ground, tied with ropes and was screaming "Why are you doing this?". The video gained fame and police discouraged people to re-blogged the same film. But, netizens kept on re-posting the said video. Some said that the video was fake and was made for creating confusion and popularity but some said it was true.

Source: Youtube