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This Man Is So Happy For The Wedding Dance Her Wife Gave To Him! Viral On Social Media!

Nowadays, weddings are really have been getting much more creative. There are a lo to surprises, gimmicks and different programs that are now the hip in society. From beautiful designs up to the first bride and groom wedding dance, there have been many different forms and styles and it continues to grow. Like this video that went viral on social media because of the wedding dance that the wife did for her husband.

The video shows that their first wedding dance was spectacular, then the wife gets the husband to sit in a chair and gave a beautiful dance number together with her 2 other friends. The performance was amazing that lead the crowd into cheering. This video caught the attention of many social media users and had become viral all over the internet. It has gained over 10 million views and over 144k shares in facebook and it was re-blogged and reposted by different social media websites.

Source: Facebook