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This Little Girl Caught A Big Snake By Her Hand, Viral On Social Media!

A video of a little girl is now going viral on social media because of what she did while having an adventure with her family. The girl is named Adrianna and she was with her family having a camping trip near the lake. The man who's taking the video is her father who's telling everyone about the adventure that her daughter is having.

Now while everyone is having fun and the father is filming her lovely daughter, they were all surprised of what Adrianna had found near the lake. She hold up in her hand a huge snake and was shouting, "Dad, Look what I found." The parents and elders were shocked and they calmly ask the daughter to put down the snake because it might bite her. After the daughter releases the snake, the snake ran off and daughter wave bye and said "Bye Snake". The video caught the attention of many social media users and the Adrianna was lauded by many users while others were mad and giving out their sentiments to the irresponsible parents who took the video. The video immediately went viral on different social media websites and pages gaining over 1 million views and over 1.7k shares.

Source: Facebook