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This Japanese Reporter Asked Pres. Duterte Which Country He Loves More, Is It Japan Or China? His Answer Surprised Everyone!

Following the first state of the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to Japan, He fostered and strengthen yet again another relationship with a neighboring country. The president discussed about different economic and foreign issues and topics specifically the recent controversy that the Philippines is cutting ties with the US while building stronger relations with China.

Now during his speech, a japanese reporter went in and asked about which country does he loves more, is it China or Japan? The president replied with an answer which neither favored Japan and China but he said "Between Japan or China, I love the Philippines more." This made people at the meeting affirmed and applauded the president for his comvictions. A video of the said question that was broadcast by A news channel was uploaded on facebook and it gained a lot of attention from netizens and supporters lauding him for a great answer in his speech.

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