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This Guy Hypnotizes Women For Them To Have A Good Time! Viral On Social Media!

The Hypnotist and Life Coach, Darrin Johnson had been making rounds on social media because of the hypnosis that he gave to the ladies in Las Vegas. Apparently, Johnson can help and make people unplug from the world around them. From his previous performances and videos, he demonstrated to people how his hypnosis can help you and can make you feel better. But this video caught the attention of many internet users because of the hypnosis that he did to woman from Las Vegas is quite different.

In the video it shows first, how he can hypnotize the woman into following whatever he says and then later on he let the woman fell asleep and said to her the moment she wakes up she'll have her climax all over her body when she shakes the hypnotist hand. The woman woke up feeling like she wants to be with Johnson and the moment she shakes the hand of Johnson the woman felt the amazing rush inside her body and couldn't hold the climax that is happening in her. It is really hilarious and somewhat alarming. Many netizens lauded him for the act but some find it hard to believe. This video went viral on social media and was re-posted by different social media pages and websites.

Source: Youtube