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This Guy Caught Over 300+ Snakes And Cobras And Releases It On The Road!

A video has been making rounds on social media pages of a snake catching man named Saleem who releases a sackful of snakes. The video caught the attention of netizens because they are shocked at the tenacity and the bravery of the snake catcher. Most of us are afraid of snakes because of its bite that can lead to poisoning us. Yet, this fearless man catches snakes in the urban areas and releases them into the wild.

According to reports, the man has caught over 220,000 snakes in the cities and have been freeing them in the forests. The video had taken place in the Panchmadhi forest and was shot around September 23. They decided to free the snakes during the afternoon because it is cooler that time. Acccording to the post, they released over 285 snakes that afternoon and later at night they released over 60 poisonous snakes such as cobras. This brought to the amazement of a lot of social media users and the video has gone viral all over the internet and was re-blogged by different social media pages and websites.

Source: Youtube