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This Baby Stabbed And Buried Alive By His Own Mother Yet A Miracle Happened! Viral On Social Media!

A video report is now going viral about a baby who was stabbed 14 times and was buried by his own mother. The incident happened in Thailand and the 7-months old baby, given the name "Aidin", caught netizen's attention all over social media. According to reports, a passerby named Kachit Krongyut rescued Baby Aidin after she heard the cry of the baby. At first she was hesistant and ignored the cry but when she saw a foot from the ground she began digging the ground with her bare hands and strucked to see a baby boy.

She said on an interview, "At first, I thought someone buried their pets alive, but when I saw a foot. I tried to control myself and called for help. The baby was buried with its face facing down." The baby was immediately brought in to the hospital, was given medical attention, and he survived! It turned out that the soil in the ground prevented him from bleeding into death. When he recovered, he was immediately placed in an orphanage and was soon adopted by a good Swedish family. One worker from the orphanage named Supachai Pathimchart said, "We are very happy that the boy will end up in a good home and have a safe life". On the other hand, the boy's mother has been arrested with the charge of attempted murder.

Source: Youtube