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This Alarm Clock Will Make You Wake Up With A Smile On Your Face!

We all know the hassle of waking up in the morning dragging ourselves in the sound of the alarm clock we have right beside our beds. Well it ain't a problem anymore! With this alarm clock it can help you rise in the morning with a smile on your face because of the satisfying function and strategic placement that this alarm clock has to offer. This is the promise that this clever device has to offer and has been making rounds all over the internet.

The clever design of this alarm is to be place inside your underwear, so that long plastic rod will be inside your organ. You can set the program in the alarm, instead of making a loud noise, it simply starts to vibrate and bring you out of your sleep. What's more, the vibrations automatically increases until you wake up and turn it off. As the company says "You wake up slowly, sensually, and satisfied."

Source: Youtube