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This 8-Year Old Girl Lost Her Family Within Minutes Because Of A Simple Kitchen Mistake! Viral On Social Media!

A video report about an 8-year-old girl named Maria Chelysheva has been going around social media websites because of a tragic incident that had happened with her family. The little girl became an orphan in just one night because of a simple kitchen mistake that had happened with her family. The Chelysheva's was just preparing for winter so they decided to secure food in their basement for them to have food for the whole winter. 

According to reports, one night the girl was just cooking and they decided to have potatoes, but little did they know about the tradegy that was about to happen. The potatoes they stored in their basement have already gone bad and rotten. Potatoes can be delicious food but sometimes it can be downright deadly. It is important to remember that potatoes contain glycoalkaloids, a chemical compound that is also found in poisonous nightshade plants, that makes potatoes naturally toxic under the right circumstances, not just by eating but even from simply breathing in their chemicals. That night, Maria's father went into the basement to get some potatoes and he never came back, after a while the mother went in as well and never did came back. The same thing happened to her brother and then to her grandmother, this was hard for her to take in so she decided to ask help from the neighbors. Good thing the neighbors came in time, finding out that Maria is fighting for her life. Luckily the girl was saved because her mother left the door open but her family all died that night. What happened to Maria and her family was absolutely heartbreaking but hopefully their story will serve as a warning to others about the dangers of rotten potatoes.

Source: Youtube