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This 68-Year-Old Millionaire Marries His Own Granddaughter! Shocking Story! Viral On Social Media!

The internet is now buzzing with the story of this 68-year old millionaire from Florida who married his 24-year old girlfriend and it turns out that she is her granddaughter. According to reports, they were just living a happy and sweet life after three months being tied together up until they discovered their biological relationship with each other. 

The man found out that she married his own granddaughter. They found out this horrible coincidence when they are skimming an old phot album which revealed that they are biologically related. The photo includes the groom's children from his first wife and to the bride's surprise, she saw his father in the photo. The bride, who had become estranged from her parents after becoming pregnant as a teenager, was working as a dancer in Jacksonville. She met the groom through a dating website. Now the groom refuses to have a divorce inspite of knowing that he married his granddaughter because of his two other failed marraiges.

Source: Youtube