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These OLFU Criminology Students Harshly Hits A Girl Inside The Bus! Viral On Social Media!

Before becoming an licensed police officer, there are a lot tests, training and courses offered by the schools and the government for you to pass. These things are needed for you to be able to uphold the qualities, ethics and professionalism that a police officer must possess. Yet, there are some who studies criminology didn't quite have the right qualities needed and was caught on camera by a netizens and upholds it on social media. The video caught the attention of many and had gone viral all over the internet.

The video shows two criminology students from Our Lady of Fatima University that have gone amok in a bus. According to the video, there is a group of passengers that was just having a great time and took a selfie to cherish the moment yet when they looked at the picture the two students have photobombed the picture with a middle finger on it. The scramble started and the two student have gone wild to the point that they are landing punches on the girl. They were also shouting that they carry a gun and don't mess with them. The video was captured and was later on posted on Facebook. It gained the attention of many netizens and it was re-blogged by many social media pages and websites because it has gone viral.

Source: Facebook