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These Female Workers Were Forced To Kiss Their Boss Everyday Before Work! Viral On Social Media!

A company in Beijing China thought of a way to improve working relations between employees and managers, yeah, its pretty weird, but yeah, they force their female workers to line up and kiss their boss. Every morning, between 9:00AM to 9:30AM, female staff are all required to line up and kiss their boss before beginning to work at a company who sells home brewery equipment in Tongzhou District in China.

A video of this shocking daily routine went viral on social media and social media users all wondered how their female workers could continue working in such environment. Many netizens raised their questions like, How can these female workers accept this, do their boyfriends or husbands know? Would they starve if they change jobs? Yet many says that the boss is just a perv but the workers are foolish.

Source: Youtube