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Taxi Drivers Beats Up Uber Driver In the Middle Of The Street Because Of Protest Against Uber! Viral Now!

The battle between Uber and Traditional Taxis continues to rage. A lot of people are going with the ride-hailing apps such as "uber" because people know its cheaper and as well comfortable. Because of this, the competition in the transportation industry becomes more intense and it lead to the complaint of many taxi drivers in protest to Ride-hailing apps. 

The drivers complained that companies such as "Uber" and "Grab", do not face the same tax, training and safety regulations they do. They want the government to adopt specific legislation for ride hailing services. Now, a video was captured in portugal wherein, thousands of taxi drivers blocked the highway in protest against Uber, it lead to an intense fight wherein uber drivers where beaten by taxi drivers. It turned really physical to that point that taxi drivers are turning uber cars upside down in the middle of the streets. The video immediately went viral because it caught the attention of many netizens, on facebook, the gained almost a million views and over 8k shares.

Source: Youtube