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Restaurant Owner Saw This Man Eating Dog Food What Happens Next Will Make You Cry! Viral On Social Media!

A heartwarming video has touched the hearts of many social media users and is now going viral all over the cyberworld. Truly, kindness touches everyone, this has lead the followers of different pages to share the lesson that the video has taught to the many viewers it had. This video restored my faith on humanity again.

The video shows a restaurant owner who saw a homeless man stealing dog food that was placed outside her restaurant for her dog. He did this because he was so hungry. The restaurant was moved by the scenario and she went to the homeless man and confronted him. The homeless man was really nervous and was crying his heart out because he couldn't take his desperate situation much longer. He told the restaurant owner that he is sorry and please do not call the cops and he is going to leave. But the restaurant owner felt pity on him and she said to him that no one deserves to be hungry, so if you are hungry and you want some food go inside and look for me. Later on, the homeless man burst into tears because the restaruant owner gave him a sandwich and a drink. The video immediately went viral on social media and it was re-blogged by different social media pages for it touched the hearts of many viewers.

Source: Youtube