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Netizens Were Shocked After Seeing Baron Geisler And Kiko Matos' Doing A PPAP Cover! Viral On Social Media!

Following the previous controversial MMA fight between Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos, we can all remember the two become intense rivals. They made the whole social media world excited because of the series of intense controversial videos between them. Though the fight ended a draw, it was still a good match up between the two and netizens are still looking forward for a rematch between the two. But now, the social media world was shocked because of the video that has been going around all over facebook.

The two fighters, Geisler and Matos, made a PPAP cover together with two other girls named Maria Martinez and Nancy Leonard. The video shows that the two fighters are having fun and having the time of their lives while dancing on the beat of the viral hit "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen" song. The video immediately went viral not because of the cover but netizens were shocked that seeing the two of them already in good terms. Many can still remember how they ridicule, mock and attacked one another before their MMA Fight. Now, netizens are speculating that the whole MMA fight is rigged and scripted in order to promote the fight. The video gained over 1k shares and 100k views as of writing.

Source: Facebook