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Netizens Bashed Jessy Mendiola For Shaking Off Dirt From Her Dress On APAN Star Awards In South Korea!

The actress and magazine model, Jessy Mendiola, dazzles many people in the APAN Star Awards 2016 that was held in South Korea. She was welcomed and treated well in korea and was even given the title of honorary Korean Ambassador to the Philippines while on her stay in the biggest and brightest awards night in the country. But in spite of the many good things that had happened to her, the actress has gained the spot light because of the video during the awards night that is going viral on social media.

The eyes of the bashers and haters did not escape the small thing that had happened during the walk through the stage of the actress in receiving an award and having a photo opps. While walking on the stage, the actress tried to shake off dirt from her dress and right after she poses for the photo opps. This scene has lead many haters, bashers, and netizens to give out their sentiments. They said in the comment sections that she doesn't deserve to be there and others says that she looks stupid by brushing off dirt on her dress while walking on the spotlight. They even labeled the video "Pagpag pa more". The video immediately went viral and was shared by many people. It was even re-posted by different social media pages and websites.

Source: Facebook