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Mother And Son Video Touched The Hearts Of Netizens! Now Viral On Social Media!

Everyone says that a mother's love for her child is unconditional and eternal, one cannot measure the love of one's mother through material things. Moms are always there for us, our number critic because they want us to be better and our number one fan because they want to succeed and supports us in the many challenges that we face in life. But have you ever wondered, how much your mom really loves you? This video shows a simple yet really deep understanding of how deep a mother's love is, and will make you remember how much you are loved by your mother.

The video shows a social experiment conducted by a netizen named Nhel Manalo. He tried an experiment with his mom to know if his mom will still do a favor for him. So what he did, he ask his mom to dress him up with his shirts and pants. Then, his mom came to his room, ask her the favor, at first the mom was hesistant and was telling him whats happening with you, you are already an adult why are asking this of me but then gave in and clothe him while saying that you are like a child and I remember when you are a child I am always clothing you like this. The mom even put powder on his face and told him that he is the greatest son in the world and she loves him so much. The video caught and touched the hearts of social media users and it went viral. A simple yet wonderful reminder that our moms can't help but love us no matter what.

Source: Youtube