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Most Unusual Airlines In The World Goes Viral All Over The Internet! Unbelievable!

A video is now going viral over social because of it featured the most unusual airlines in the world. We all know for a fact the flying can make people uneasy, we have long lines, long waiting time, delayed flights, and jet lag that can contribute to the stress of traveling. Because of such things, some airlines gave their best effort and creativity to help alleviate the stress of the passengers through their crazy gimmicks and stunts on the plain, and well for some airlines, it is just plain strange.

The video that goes around social media featured different airlines with the most unusual gimmicks and stunts like an airlines where in you go with your clothes on and when you are on board the plane it is a no clothes flight. Some airlines have crazy features, like hilarious one liners and crazy stunts while in demo, while some featured Pokemon as their main design of the plane's exterior and interior. Go see below the list of the most crazy and unusual airlines.

Source: Youtube