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Mom Was Shocked When She Saw What Daddy And Baby Were Doing While She Was Away!

We all know for a fact that being a parent is the best thing you can have in this world but as well as it is one of the hardest responsibility to handle. Every parent does their best in order for their child to have a better life - a life they deserve. We all cherished the moments and the times that we have with our children and as well as make sure that the time we spent with them is really worth it. Just like this video of a Dad that is going viral all over social media right now. 

The video shows how a dad spends his time with his son while mommy left them one afternoon. The daddy who made the video filmed this one afternoon for him to show to his wife how awesome it is to spend time with their child. At first the room was really neat and clean, then daddy got a huge stack of toys and plays around with his son the whole time up until the whole living room was mess. The video even showed how they played with lot of toys, how dad joins in in the fun and how he teaches him how to play instruments such as the piano and thhe bongos. The video immediately gained a lot of attention on Youtube up to the point that it garnered over 30 millions. Now, many social media pages and websites are re-blogging the video for many netizens have been touched on how they spent their time with each other.

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