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Man Accidentally Got His Package Stuck Between Two Magnets While Performing Magnetic Therapy!

A man in Guangdong province of China is now been buzzing the social media world because of the perhaps the worst thing he could possibly did to his pair of magnets. He got them stuck right on his privates. The emergency services immediately brought the man in Zhongshan city who is desperately crying for help in the hospital. The firefighters and rescue team rushed off to the scene as they found a 45-year old man in extreme pain. 

According to reports, the man explained that he was practicing some "Magnetic Therapy" at home earlier that morning and in the process he got his balls trapped between two powerful magnets and was unable to free himself. At first the firefighters didn't know what to do so they decided to go to the hospital yet doctors were also surprise with the incident and didn't know what to do as well. Eventually, even though doctors and rescue never had encountered anything like this before freed the man from his pain. The video immediately went viral and was re-blogged by many social media websites.

Source: Youtube