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Kim Kardashian Was Tied Up, Held At Gunpoint And Robbed Of $11 Million Jewelry In Paris Apartment By Two Armed Men Dressed As Cops!

The Reality TV Star and Model Kim Kardashian and the famous singer song writer and husband Kanye West are making the headlines of the news today and now viral all over the internet. The TV Star Kim together with her sister Kourtney were in Paris for fashion show this week but little did they know that such a catastrophe will happen. While Kim was in her apartment preparing two armed men dressed as cops went in. She was tied up and was held at gunpoint. The star couldn't do anything but follow what they asked of her, so she gave up all her belongings worth eleven million dollars of jewelry. While this was happening her husband, Kanye West was having a show in New York and at the middle of the concert he left the show and went immediately to his wife. 

The news of Kanye West leaving the concert immediately went viral on social media and fans were hoping that everything is alright and were speculating what happened. Then news came that Kim was held up at gunpoint, it also has gone viral all over social media. We can recall that Kim Kardashian was assaulted a few days before as a celebrity prankster tried to kiss his behind. This news saddened many fans and everybody is hoping that two are alright.

Source: Youtube