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Janine Tugonon Made It To Top 12 NU Muses And Shows Off Her Stunning Poses! Check It Out!

The Miss Universe 2012 First Runner Up, Janine Tugonon made it to the top 12 of NU Muses. The 12 ladies will be featured in a calendar which celebrates the beauty of fine art. Now, many Filipino internet users supports the beauty queen and lauded her for making it to the top. In an interview Janine said that she thought that she really did bad during the test shoot because she was having a bad day but she was surprised that a few days after she got a call from her agent and it was the good news.

In the NU's website she said, "I flew to the US with a Dream. I wanted to aim higher, to be globally known and excellent in this industry. Being in this calendar is a huge opportunity to showcase my beauty and personality. A great exposure for me and hopefully will be the beginning of a long lasting successful career in this field I'm very passinate about." Now, the video was published by NU Muses and it went viral, this was re-blogged by many social media pages and websites.

Source: Youtube