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Husband Was Just Sleeping At Ease Then She Suddenly Did This To Him! Now Viral On Social Media!

We all do crazy pranks on our loved ones and it is really funny when our pranks turned out successful. We find it amusing and really blissful because spending time with our loved ones and making it memorable brings us joy in our hearts. But what if these pranks turned out to be pretty much radical and people at first find it crazy yet at the end really funny?

A video is now going viral all over social media because of a prank that this pregnant woman did to her husband. The woman on the video is nearly to give birth so yeah the husband is alert on the things her wife would react because he cares for the safety of his baby and wife. But his wife pulled a prank on him, while he was a having a good sleep his wife started to shout and complain that his stomach is aching and then the husband became so rattled then he discovered that his wife is just playing with him because she suddenly farted so loud and so much. He was shocked and irritated and then laugh so hard. This caught the attention of many social media users and it eventually became viral on social media. The video gained over 13 million views and over 253k shares.

Source: Facebook // PR