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How To Make Your Girlfriend Wear This! This Guy Is A Genius!

A video of a guy who a brilliant way to make his girlfriend wear the stuff he likes is buzzing around social media right now. We all know that most of the time women are always taking long in picking out what to wear and what to do with their dresses and clothes. Sometimes men find it hard to believe how women can take so much time in just picking the right clothes. 

Now the guy on the video found out something by accident and later on put his theory to the test. One time, when he was waiting for his girl on picking the right dress, he noticed that when the girl asks her about what he likes she changes into another one, then when he told her that don't put that dress on, she wore that dress saying "I'm an independent woman, I can wear anything that I want." Now, while going out in the mall, the guy saw a pretty nice underwear and then he made his move in putting his theory under the test. He told his girl that she shouldn't wear that kind of clothes and it is really disgusting, then a few weeks later he finds his girlfriend wearing the same underwear that he was telling her about.

Source: Facebook