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Hokage Moves! Girl Wants An Ice Cream, What His Boyfriend Did To His Girlfriend Is Super Sweet!

We all know there are a lot of mysteries that is circulating all over the internet. Some of them are myths and mysterious thing that claimed that they truly saw it. There are ghosts, angels, mystical beings and even dragons. Yeah, Dragons. Dragons are mystical creatures that were said to exist in ancient times and experts says that dragons probably were already extinct. But a video of a dragon is now going around social media and has been gaining the attention of netizens.

Video Footage Of A White snake was seen inside a cave? A lot of unusual things have been circulating in the internet these days. Undefined snake creatures are said to be appearing and are actually seen by witnesses. There hasn't been any confirmation as to whether this is true or not. Recently, reports have been saying that a white dragon was spotted in a cave in Europe. If you want to watch the video, you can go see on the link below. Check it out!

Source: Youtube