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Heartfelt Message From Ex-GF Of Slain Adamson Student Says He Stayed Single To Focus On Studies!

Many have shown compassion and have grieved the loss of Adamson Architecture student Nick Russel Oniot who was stabbed numerous times and mercilessly killed in Taguig City. People have expressed their deepest condolences to Nick's family after the horrible incident. Now, his ex-girlfriend speaks about the whole issue and netizens felt the heartwarming message and the sorrow in the ex-gf's post which has gone viral all over Facebook.

According to Nick's ex-girlfriend, Esmieh Gallego,  he decided to stay single in order to focus on his studies in order to pursue and reach his goal of becoming an architect. The heartfelt post took netizens hearts away, in the caption she said, "Dati okay lang sakin na naghiwalay tayo kasi alam ko na makakausap at makikita pa kita, ngayon hindi okay sakin na wala ka na talaga at hinding hindi na kita makikita at makakausap pa." Inspite of breaking up, the two remained close friends and even shared goals and ambitions in life to each other. Esmieh said that Nick was one of her best lessons in life, as Nick told her, "Lovelife is not my priority right now. Cause I promised that to myself when we broke up. Studies and goals in life are my priorities." The post went viral and has been re-blogged by many social media users and websites.

Source: Facebook