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Heartbroken Man Did This Live On Facebook After Girlfriend Breaks Up With Him!

A video is now buzzing on social media websites because of a man who took his own life after her girlfriend broke up with her. This tragic moment was not just some video report but an actual live stream on facebook and made social media users shocked and distraught over the video. The 22-year old man who goes by the name of Erdogan Ceren from Turkey was seen holding a shotgun and talking to the viewers on facebook.

After telling all his sentiments and telling all the viewers that his girlfriend had broken up with him and intends to take his life yet many didn't believe him so he is doing it live on facebook. At a first attempt, the man failed because the shotgum was locked and then he unlocked it up until he shoots himself and then it turned black. According to reports, the family of Ceren heard the shooting and found his body inside his room lying on the ground. He was brought immediately brought in the hospital but soon died. The video gained popularity and was deleted on facebook but netizens grabbed the said video and re-blogged it on different social media pages and websites.

Watch Video Source: Youtube