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Heartbreaking Story: 6-Year-Old Little Girl Calls 911 As Mother Is Being Beaten By Her Stepfather!

One in five filipino women experience physical violence in a marraige, and right now, Domestic Violence is running rampant around the world. The number of women and children experiencing domestic violence keeps on increasing as years go by. Recently, a video of the call that was made by a 6-year-old little girl to the 911 police in the United States has been going around social media websites and it has gained the attention of many netizens. 

The little girl named Lisa Floyd called 911 emergency hotline in the middle of physical abuse that is happening in her home. Judging by the sound of her voice, Lisa is really in pain and frustrated as she talks to the operator. She was gasping for her breath, shouting, and in panic while hysterically crying. There were numerous times when she shouted "Stop!" as she told the operator how her stepfather was a drunkard and always beats her mother and little sister when he is drunk. Kit Gruelle, an advocate for domestic abuse survivors uploaded the said video and was using this recorded call to educate people on the effects of domestic violence on children.

Source: Youtube