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Guy Was Caught On Camera Doing This To A Woman Sleeping On A Jeepney!

LADIES BEWARE, we don't know when or where we'll encounter weirdos like this guy. A video was posted by a concerned netizens as they encountered a weird guy on a jeepney ride going to Cubao from Rosario Pasig. It is really a horrible sight as this crazy does what he wants on the girl that was sleeping on the jeepeny ride.

The video shows a man who is clinging on the edge of a jeepney while looking at a woman who is sleeping at the corner seat of the jeep. The man suddenly is doing something under his pants while his bag was covering his body. This made fellow passenger felt weird thats why the concerned netizen started to took a video of it. And he was right, the guy was preparing his manhood and the video caught a glimspe of it. After a while, the man started to shovel his thing to the leg of the woman who is sleeping. It is really a disgusting sight seeing a weirdo like him taking advantage of a sleeping girl. The video was posted on facebook to warn women of the said man. Later on, the video went viral on facebook and has gained a lot of attention on social media to the point that the video was reblogged by different social media pages and websites.

Source: Facebook