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Guy Tried To Harrass This Girl, But He Didn't Know What The Girl Is Capable Of Doing!

There are many rude men out there who would take every opportunity to take advantage of women. One moment its all good and the next thing you know that he is already jumping on you and wants to harrass you. For all the woman out there, we know its really hard for us to fight those men so we need to be able to learn how to defend ourselves and protect our lives. Most men see women as weaker beings than them yet they didn't know that with that thinking we have a better chance of winning if we learn a thing or two about defending ourselves. Like this video of woman who defended herself and now going viral all over social media.

The video shows that a man tried to harrass her and jump on the woman. What the woman did is that she lured the man into a position she wants and then defends herself by choking the man using the tshirt the man is wearing. After a few minutes the man is completely trapped and is grasping for breathe. The video gained a lot of attention on Facebook and it immediately went viral all over social media.

Source: Facebook