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Guy Quits Job By Posting Video Of Him And His Boss's Daughter On Social Media!

A video is now buzzing around social media networks because of a man who made his resignation in the job in the most surprising way. Sometimes we experience the same thing that he had, its the time when you know that you are at the end of rope on your job and you know that the sack was coming and you are just waiting for it. So what did this guy did? Yeah, he posted a video of him and his boss' daughter having the time of their lives in a public bathroom.

Yeah, whats the worse thing that you could possibly do if you knew that you are about to get fired by your boss? Yeah, slap right back in your boss' face the video of her daughter having fun with your willy. The video was posted on Twitter and it immediately went viral and many social media pages and websites re-blogged the said video. It has gained many viewers to the point that family and friends and even his boss watched the video. If you want to watch the full video and if you are brave enough, you can go see the video on the below.

Watch Video Source: Twitter