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Got Diabetes? Home Remedy Which Helps To Treat Diabetes Just Using These 2 Ingredients!

Nowadays, more and more patients are suffering to this medical disease and everyday it continues to grow. Diabetes is a disease where the sugar level in the blood are too high and the body cannot function properly, where the pancreas fail to produce enough insulin for the body to do its needed function daily. The other name it was called was "Insulin Resistance" and we should all be aware that diabetes is incurable disease but it is manageable. With the help of certain medications and natural remedies, we can get diabetes under control. If you have diabetes or if you have a relative who has diabetes this article is for you. Here's how to make the home remedy for diabetes.

  • 300 g celery
  • 6 lemons

What to do:
  • First of all wash the celery root thoroughly, grate it and put it in an enamel pot. 
  • After that, add the juice of 6 lemons in the pot. 
  • Close the pot and place it in a bigger one, filled with water. 
  • Allow the water to boil and then simmer on low heat. 
  • Once it is cooked, remove the pot from the stove. Leave to cool and open the smaller pot when the mixture is completely cooled off. 
  • Finally pour the mixture in a glass jar, close and place in refrigerator.
  • Take 1 tablespoon of this combination about 30 minutes before breakfast.

This amount will be enough for period of 2 months. After that, the blood sugar levels will normalize. If you want to get to know more of the preparation of the lemon celery remedy, you can go see the video on the link below!

Source: Youtube