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Ghost Of The Harassed And Murdered 8-Year Old Child In Cavite Appeared In TV Patrol Footage! Viral On Social Media!

Halloween is now nearing and we all know that horror and scary stories are now circulatin again on social media. However, a ghost story is now going viral all over social media websites and now disturbing a lot netizens after an 8 year old child was harassed and killed by 4 illegal substance users last October 6.

Now while netizens were saddened and enraged with the incident, one facebook fanpage named "Boy Hugot" caught a creepy side of the story. During the video report, he claimed that the ghost of the little girl that was killed appeared on the 31st second of the video, sitting in the bushes while the authorities were inspecting the area where the victim was found. It was just a glimpse but it was pretty clear that it indeed looked like a little girl sitting and crying. Netizens were shocked and scared after noticing the ghost in the video, but a few were skeptical about it and said that it was just a relative of the girl who can't take what has happened to the girl. But some netizens says that it is impossible for a relative to be like that. Well, judge for yourselves.

Source: Youtube