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Four Users Harrased And Murdered 8-Year Old Girl! Viral On Social Media!

A video report is now going viral because of a 8-year old child was murdered by 4 men and dumped the body on river in Bacoor Cavite. The victim's name is Robelita Gardon and according to reports she was harrassed by his attackers before being killed by the suspects. Now, people saw her body floating on the river and witnesses revealed the men who did the crime. The police responded immediately and helped the parents of the child in pursuing the suspects.

The police immediately caught the two men who have been pin pointed by the witness. The suspects, Rowell Dela Cruz and Nico Zamora was arrested immediately but when they are on the police car they attempted to escape and have been killed in the encounter. The two other suspects, Jessie Aguilar and Reynaldo Dela Cruz, were later arrested by the authorities. They surrendered peacefully and were detained by the police. Now charges are being enforced to them and the authorities and parents will do their best to bring justice to these people.

Source: Youtube