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First Killer Clown In Philippines Gets Robbed And Beaten By Rugby Boys In QC! Viral On Social Media!

We all know that across the world people have been reporting sightings of Creepy Clowns lurking around random neighborhoods and it is frightening lots of people especially children and even adults. On October 7, 2016 around 11PM, a prankster in philippines joins in the bandwagon of the Creepy Clown Prank. The 21-year old prankster dressed as a clown walk around the streets near Quezon City Circle and tried to scare the people but he went in the wrong neighborhood to start. 

According to reports, the prankster was filming his intro to his creepy clown prank, then, trying to scare a group of 4 children, the boys then into their senses fought back and started to throw rocks at the clown. They then beat up the clown, taking his cellphones, walle, and even his GoPro Camera. Bystanders told the police that the suspects were known for inhaling solvents on the streets. Vincent, the 21-year old prankster clown, is brought immediately in the Quezon City General Hospital for his minor wounds and said to be released by monday. The Quezon City Police officials are warning the public on joining the bandwagon and doing it on dangerous areas.

Source: PH News