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Effectively Avoid Getting Pregnant Without Using Rubber? Here's How, Check It Out!

A lot of couples nowadays wanted to be intimate with each other all the time but doesn't want  to get pregnant. But, only a few knows how to effectively avoid such thing to happen because we don't know what are the alternative ways to avoid getting pregnant. Now here's how.

Here are other alternatives you might want to consider:
  1. Always be attentive of her menstrual period, you should do it on the 8th and the 28th day of their period.
  2. Use withdrawal method, when the man is about to have his climax, pull it out and spray it somewhere else.
  3. You can also take birth control pills to lessen the risk of unwanted pregnancy.
  4. Having a Copper T implanted around the uterus, it can be done by doctors through surgery.
  5. Sterilization is a permanent procedure that will prevent you from having children, it avoids the fertilization of the egg.
Source: Philippine Reports