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Drunk Girl In The Middle Of The Road Sleeping, Worried Driver Put Her Safely In The Garbage!!!

Many times we may see people that were so drunk after a night of party on the way home walking sideways and definitely having a hard time. Yet, sometimes we may see people that were so drunk that they ended up sleeping in the middle of the street. Now, a photo is now viral over many social media sites of a woman getting drunk so hard that on her way home she passed out in the middle of the road and fell asleep.

There are many cars passing by and a concerned driver saw and was worried that she might be ran over by car and might get herself killed. So what did the man did? The driver in all his concern tried to carry the woman to place her on the side of the road but then the girl drunkenly resisted, well, driver was ticked off so he decided to put her safely in the garbage together with the reeking smell of alcohol. 

Source: Youtube