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Doing It 3-4 Times A Week Can Help Remove Your Kidney Stones!

A lot of people have suffered from kidney stones and treating this condition has never been easy. But would you believe your doctor if he prescribed you to be intimate with your partner in order for yout to cure your kidney stones? I know it is surprising but this is not just some hoax but its legit. This is based from a significant published research from the University of Ankara, Turkey.

The treatment for kidney stones depends on its size. Usually, smaller kidney stones are treated by rehydration, painkillers, and muscle relaxants but larger kidney stones would require either wave therapy, medicines that can dissolve, or by surgical removal. The researchers of the study discovered that the climax during intercourse can function similarly to muscle relaxant medications which is an aid in moving and expelling kidney stones. This hypothesis was tested and they collected data to 75 patients who joined in the study. For uniformity, only patients with less than 6mm kidney stones were included. The patients were divided into three groups, one group was prescribed with 0.4mg/DL Tamsulosin (a muscle relaxant), another was given an increased fluid intake and painkillers, and the last group was prescribed to do it 3-4 times a week with their partners. Later on, researchers found out that this method is twice more effective than Tamsulosin and standard clinical treatment for kidney stones and it can remove kidney stones faster than the two other treatments.

Source: Medical Daily