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Creepy CCTV Footage Reveals What's Disturbing Her Many Sleepless Nights!

There are many different mysteries and ghost stories that are all over the internet and when we hear this stories sometimes we just couldn't believe it or sometimes we are doubtful about it. But if we hear such stories with people we know we staet to believe them it creeps us out. Like this woman who is going viral all over social media recently.

The name is Iris Alamo and she just moved in her new apartment. Despite the many stories and rumors about a ghost in her apartment, she still moved in and rent it out. At first, she is having trouble sleeping on her room but she is still having doubts about it. Later on, the attacks are so devastating that she had to go through many sleepless nights. She is having nightmares and was always feeling heavy, she always hear noises made by the doors and the floors. Because of these things, she decided to install a CCTV Camera on her room to see whats happening in her home. After a night she caught of a glimpse of some paranormal activity and she saw a light which resembles a ghoul or a ghost running. The video was posted on social media and immediately gained the attention of people. It went viral and many netizens speculate that her case is really legit and she did capture a ghoul running around her room.

Source: Youtube