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Brazilian Drug Courier Arrested At NAIA3 For Smuggling 6 Kilos Of Drugs!

A video report is now circulating on social media about a woman from Brazil that was arrested by the authorities for bringing illegal drugs in the country. The name of the brazilian woman is Yasmin Fernandes Silva, 20 years old, and she was caught smuggling 6 kilos of cocaine inside her luggage.

According to reports, the brazilian woman asked a filipino seaman Robert Paloman if he could help him carry her luggage but they were immediately engaged by NAIA Interagency Group and was arrested for bringing in 30 Million worth of illegal substance. The authorities said that the US Drug Enforcement Agency gave them a tip about a woman from Sao Paolo Brazil which will bring the said substances. The immediately took action and alerted the whole airport which cause a commotion for many of the people were hold in the airport. The good thing is that the NAIA Interagency group successfully arrested the mule. The video report became viral because netizens were proud and lauding the security of the airport. Indeed the operation was a success.

Source: Youtube