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BEWARE LADIES: Regularly Doing This In The Shower Could Double Your Risk Of Cancer!

According to recent studies, douching is harmful and one of the main factors of numerous problems in a woman's intimate organ. Moreover, it can double the risk of ovarian cancer and it has been known as the "silent killer" in women.

Douching is the practice of splashing waters or fluids in the private area. Experts explains that this process affects the natural balance of bacteria and will cause infections. This method can cause cervical cancer, reduced fertility, yeast infections, pelvic inflammatory disease on the uterus and ectopic pregnancies. Joelle Brown, an expert in this field and a professor of epidemiology says that while most doctors recommend that women do not douche still many women continue to do so because they falsely perceive douching to have health benefits such as increased cleanliness but reality is that our private organs have self-cleaning mechanism.

Source: Youtube