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Beware: "Hipo-Dukot" New Modus Of Women Pickpocketing Men On The Streets! Viral On Social Media!

There are a lot of reports about theft and robbery in the streets and as time passed people are learning to avoid such circumstances and are mindful and aware of there modus. But yet, as the people learns, thieves are as well stepping their game up. Like this video report that has been going around the social media where the thieves on the streets went to the next level.

The video shows that the pickpocket was a woman and she is targeting innocent men. How does she do it? Well, we all know that most men's weakness are a girl's touch. So these women or we call it "Dakot Dukot" gang are targeting men using their advantage. First, they walk beside you and grabs your arm like a girlfriend walking with you, then she will grab your package with one hand while the other is working its way to grab your valuables. Now, luckily the authorities caught an actual cctv footage of the said modus and social media users were caught into the video. The video report immediately gone viral and share them many times over to warn their friends and family about it. So if you encounter a girl whom you didn't know and walked beside you make sure to be on your guard.

Source: Facebook