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Actress Krista Miller Was Arrested In Buy-Bust Operation Together With Two Other Models In Quezon City! Viral On Social Media!

The internet is buzzing over a news report that came to the people about an actress and model, Krista Miller, together with two other models, Alelin Bolla and Jeramie Padolina. The three personalities were arrested in the recent buy-bust operation conducted by the Philippine National Police (PNP). Krista together with her live-in partner were caught red handed selling illegal substance to an undercover police officer. 

It was also reported that the actress was with two other FHM models while doing the deed. They were interviewed by the media but they refused to give statement, especially Miller, but one of them cracked and told the press that she once bought illegal substance from Miller and was also using it. The buy-bust operation was successful and many Filipino social media users lauded the PNP for doing a great job. It was also said that the PNP are doing their best to pursue the lists of celebrity that they have and warned them that they should surrender before they face arrest and charges. We can also recall that before this operation that the PNP was successful in arresting another celebrity, Sabrina M, who's also involved with the trade.

Source: Youtube